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Default I understand

I have been with my husband a long time.

This is my second poly relationship. I fell for a friend and he is mono. I know I am the rebound for him and he can't accept poly. However, he has made his peace being with me. We decided togather to enjoy our time togather and make it about quality and not quanity. I have asked him to let me know if in the future he meets someone who interests him. He won't date anyone until he breaks with me, he has said. He is very loyal and honest. He has gone to happy hour and come and told me that he was going to follow some girl to a different bar but didn't because of me. I was stunned with jealousy. He saw it as proof of his commitment to me. We worked it out.

Yes I am more jealous over him then my husband. However, I fall more deeply for him daily. We also discussed the situations so I am good with what happens. I would stay with him forever at this point. He is wired mono.
So I have made a choice to love him and be with him as long as I can.
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