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The "slut culture" is all the rage here in party Florida! Alcohol is widely abused by young kids who don't know how and can't handle it. The 17, 18, 19 year old girls bedding one guy after another every night of the week is pretty yucky. Most times they are so drunk, they don't even know who they're with. The worst part is, it's not just on Fri or Sat nights but every night of the week! Most kids going to college aren't going to finish their degrees down here in 5 or 6 years because of this lifestyle! My sons are great guys, decent looking, respectful, etc.....they are being swarmed by these girls like an apple pie left open on the blanket at a June picnic! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for my sons living large but the behavior of these young women is so way over the edge, it's highly worrisome. I bless myself everyday that I didn't have girls!
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