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Default Polyamory activism

I have been doing lots of reading about polyamory online- searching for what I can find of all aspects of the lifestyle. One thing I have noticed and seen mentioned is that polys are slow to be political/vocal/public with their views, beliefs and life situations.

I wonder why this is.

Is it just that polys are too busy/happy/self-actualized to get on a soapbox and make their lifestyle known, or is it something more sinister, like fear or shame? Perhaps it is a lack of organization and leadership.

Do we not feel a need to take our place in literature/culture/media/history because it is needless or because there is no precedent in our current society?

Is this a sign of oppression from the outside or an intentional secret/closed society mindset on our part?

Polys are a very complex minority, based on sexual preference. I know there are many of us out there, but I wonder how many there are who have never been informed and will therefore never identify with this term because it is not very publicly touted as legitimate and deserving of tolerance.

What effect does this secrecy/stigma have on our society? What is our role to bring this beautiful concept into the light to encourage understanding, tolerance and debate?
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