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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I believe the emotion I am experiencing is called anger. Hmmm interesting, shall I pull out a dictionary to analyze that? Nope..just simple fucking anger..must be a mono thing like jealousy and possessiveness. Fuck it...I'll bath in it for a while I think.

If some of your anger was provoked by me, I'm sorry. While your buttons may be so arranged that they are triggered by vocabulary sticklers, mine are so arrranged as to be provoked by dictionary indifference or indifference to conventional usage. It is quite another thing from indifference to be creative and playful in word use -- and doing so needn't disregard conventional usages. And I'm happiest in that sort of atmosphere. (See, here I'm using "atmosphere" as a metaphor.)

I hope that you'll be willing to talk with me about it when we are in disagreement, rather than to stew in anger.
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