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I haven't quite decided whether or not to go. C also wanted to hang out this weekend and thought we'd all chill there or something, cuz I really do need to get out of the house. K won't let C go to anywhere alone at Faire anymore. D's kind of got everybody watching their wimminz. I've kind of been hoping that everyone there will be on guard, so if you and Karma weren't there, C and the Polar Bear would be, or something.

I would love to go to Faire, I just...don't want to cause problems. Y'know?
I'm reluctant to avoid a place I love, and avoid hanging out with people I love, but odds are good D is going to be there, and it's a given that he's going to be pissed. J had kind of fallen off his radar until D got involved with me, and then "lost me" to J.

A movie night definitely sounds good.
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