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Question What is it that I want - looking for definition

Hi everyone. I hope you will help me to give a name to this craving of mine.
I tried some monogamous relationships (irrelevant ), then some poly ones, or at least something in that area, but they left me dissatisfied. There was always some feeling of being an extra person or having the extra person just for a short amount of time. Like "this is my lifelong precious partner and this is our friend we sometimes have sex with". Or "let's be a couple but find ourselves a third from time to time". Or "we are together, but I also would like to have a boyfriend, if that's okay with you". Or "we are two couples who like exchanging partners and also having group sex".

What I realized I want is a "closed and equal" poly relationship. A sort of a threesome, but not just sex-wise, also emotion-wise and relationship-wise. Everyone loves each other and has sex with each other, including group sex, all three partners are equal, there are no primary partners or couples or love triangles within the union. And there is no sexual or romantic relationships outside the union. It's not "us and her" or "us and him" or "me and my two lovers who somehow tolerate each other" or "us and whoever happens by", it's "the three of us". The focus is not on a person having relationships with two other people, but on a three-way relationship.
Is that possible? Is there an official name for it?

Thanks in advance.
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