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Breathes is my Primary

Possibility is my secondary & I'm his tertiary

Breathes & Possibility, as well as the rest of Possibility's family, get along wonderfully.

I get along great with his family as well.

I guess what I'm saying is....when we started this polyamoros relationship Breathes and I had this vision of what it would be like...we were the typical unicorn hunters. We wanted the bi-fem who would be submissive to both of us, could deal with my having kids, still have our own residences, etc., etc.

We are a very long way from where we thought we would be by this time five years ago.

The one thing I've learned is that you shouldn't be super set in what it is you're seeking. Be flexible with it. Something which is more suited for you might just pass you by because you were so fixated on what you thought was your ideal. I've learned something else as can never really have too much communication.
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