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The smallest Concern here is that the person she (the ex) has spoken to is Actually HERE. This Person has also threaten to physically harm ME should I see her in a public place. She (the ex) has Also shared Personal conversations between herself and Me with this person to provoke a reaction from her.And lied to me about doing so when asked if she was speaking to this person. This person is a former friend of mine that has taken great pleasure in making MY life a living hell and sticking her nose into things that have NEVER concerned her.

The biggest Concern here atm IS with AL's safety. I do not believe that This Person Would actively seek me out at this stage. But I would not put her past making things as difficult as possible in any way that she could.

Right now We are sitting on it. And yeah It was dishonest to read the IM's. But you gotta do what you gotta do.
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