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poor you! Talk about uncomfortable!

It's a shame you read her IM's etc. That was not the right thing to do, but as you have it probably brought stuff to a head that would never have gotten there.

If she knew you would read it then she wouldn't of said it. She was totally saying that stuff to make herself look good in her hurt, disappointment and perhaps embarrassment that you are moving on to a better life rather than sticking it our with her. She is trying to save face essentially.
So let her. What does it matter in the long run?! These things have a way of blowing up in peoples faces when they go on and on about something and the recipient of the "crap" stays calm and quiet.

Sounds like you are doing the best thing.... playing it cool and letting her believe all is good. Placating is a wonderful thing at times!

Give her some nice pets to the ego and wait it out.... you are almost home free sweets! Keep that eye on the prize.
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