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I'm not so sure Mark.
Do you know anything about the rise of "slut culture?"
Basically the rise of young girls rating their worth on their sexuality, as certain men see them.

Consent is key yes, but I fear that consent is given where it shouldn't be because of our cultures norms about sex.... things seem to be getting worse. What is the difference between North Americans and what they do to their youths view of sexuality due to our culture (advertising, music etc.) and what religious countries do to theirs with religious extremism.
I see little difference sometimes.

I'm not saying we need to ban stuff that influences people to think derogatorily about sexuality, but educate people. Talk about it openly and without fear and embarrassment. Hard to do, but so important so that when consent is given it doesn't lead to more disintegration of peoples ego, feelings of self worth and self love.
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