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No the opposite has occured here Vodka. DH is concerned for me and that I hurt. I understand since your circumstance is completely different from mine. I guess compersion is at work here in my relationship at home. Today I woke up a little more cheerful. I didn't quit everything I love and my friends are encouraging me to get back into it. I don't have any choice as I have responsibilities but it would have been nice to curl up and do nothing and keep the pity party going... but I won't and I can't. I think it is still ok to miss him alot and still wish that things would work out differently... but i guess I feel alot like that song Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter... it ain't no good pine....
And of course I wish he would subscribe to the song from the group Chicago... don't know what you got, until its gone.... Oh well.

It is Friday and hopefully things will be better...
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