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For me, it wasn't the idea that I was not going to be in a monogamous relationship that struck me the hardest. My personal monogamy is intact. It is the leaving behind the world I used to know that caused me the greatest pause I think; not the people as individuals but the immediate acceptance. I'm happy but I am not like the people I used to know anymore. To get true acceptance takes too much work. I don't fit seamlessly into the majority anymore and although I have always been individual and independent from what people expected and snubbed the system to a degree, I lost a very common thing with them. They don't focus on the fact that we love the same, they focus on the dynamic of that love.

I don't feel sadness in knowing I share RP's heart with the people in her life. I feel sadness in the knowledge that she is capable of so much more love and my impact on how that changes her life.

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