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So... I had just begun to tell the story....

... and a finger touched a wrong button on the laptop ... and ... gone! a "sign" that too many details aren't called for.

Hummingbird hovering inches from my nose!

Lush green, even ferns (!) ... and a ground squirrel eating almonds from my finger tips... except I pulled back, uncertain that she'd not bite them. I doubt that she would, but we are (she and I) almost new to all of this.

Hummingbird ... is she in or out of the tent? I am uncertain. But it turns out to have been a shadow of hummingbird on tent wall(!).

Lush, green... stream flowing... water filtering (!) testing new equipment -- all of us virgin at parts of this.

Bears! Are they the ones snapping twigs outside in the coal dark Chupacabra night?!?

Ears, alive to every dream of terror! Blowing my cover as the wilderness wise one, the former wildland firefigher!?!

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