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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The first time I was bound, by a different play partner, was by a tickling fetishist. He had a massage table for the activity, with chains attached to velcro cuffs on each corner. I was a little scared, but after a while I noticed the chains on the cuffs on my hands were so long, I couldve actually undid them if I had so wished. It was a great experiment in light bondage and readied me for more serious bondage with my gf.
Oh good god, I would become violent. Tickling and I don't get along.

My first experience with bondage was using everything in the room and a set of cuffs. On one of those wicker chairs (large and round like a satelite dish) that you could spin. I tied the girl to it and could rotate it around to optimize positions.

At the time, used cuffs and belts and ripped some sheets. Good times using everything around the room to really get the effect I wanted.
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