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I have to first say that after I posted I found and read the sticky thread "glossary". I wish I would have read that first, because although you think you have an idea of what it all is, there are SO MANY different views, etc.

I guess I am completely defined as a PolyWog Virgin! Being totally new to this whole idea, and never experiences it personally, its hard to say what you really want. I think that would develop as you go through it.

Ideally we've had a vision. Nothing we ever really acted upon, because we thought it pretty much unattainable. Its embarrassing but when we saw the show sister-wives, we both looked at each other, and realized that there are other people who are actually living a poly lifestyle. Now sister-wives is not our real vision, but it was what prompted us to go out and seek advice and friendship of other like minded people.

Its embarrassing because it shouldn't take a television show to make you act on something. But I guess it is what it is.

To respond to the "wive" comment. I said wife, because I don't know how to describe that "other" person in one word. I guess I said wife because I have a wife who I love and it would be great to spend time with another woman like that.

Is polygamy frowned upon in an open poly type community? I ask because I have no idea what the reality of what were looking for is. If it ever came to fruition would I be okay with her in a open relationship with others, I cannot answer. I guess those feelings would define if were looking for a polygamist relationship vs a polyamory relationship.

As you can tell this is all in its infancy for us. I wanted to firstly thank you all for being open and honest and not judging or negative! You all have been great, and you are paving a very welcoming path for others to follow.

Thank You
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