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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
where many of the people who report being poly are actually swingers
So I suspect many of those being reported as poly and uncomfortable are actually swingers and uncomfortable. It appears from here that some swingers are trying to ride their wagons in the poly wagon train to gain some measure of respectability (odd notion, that). Or they simply equate all nonmonogamy and are incapable of understanding the distinctions.
I get that you have a very limited understanding of so-called swingers. In my 30 years experience on this subject I can attest to the fact that many so-called and, self identified swingers actually would just as well fit the definition of poly. I know many who start out swinging and then form multiple loving relationships. I know swingers where 3 or more live together in a true poly household. I know others who start out poly and then bring those relationships to the swinging community.

In my experience and opinion the line between swingers and poly is very blurred is there is a line at all. I don't think there ever has been one. Many swingers were poly long befor the term was coined. I think like poly it's self it's just degrees.
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