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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
*smacks self on head*

I JUST figured out why I've been so out of sorts the last three weeks!

My work schedule has been totally out of whack. Breathes works days, I've been working nights & afternoons. I'm not getting my quality time & physical touch needs met! duh!
I work days (though I do work from home now, but that only started last November, so take that as you will) and hubby works afternoons/nights. We've been doing this for 3 years now, and the two before that it was simply reversed. My results are similar to yours in needing physical touch and quality time. Our big thing is, even though he usually has to wake me up when he gets home, we always always kiss goodnight and goodbye. But it's not a simple peck running out the door, we do a huge long hug/kiss goodbye. At night it's a half awake kiss, but it makes a difference.

Days off are required to be at least 50% family time (gets our quality time in), and his evenings off we try to cuddle in bed and talk, filling both needs.

We don't have any other relationships currently and looking at this I have to wonder what we're thinking trying to venture poly, but odds are any other partners would have the same schedule as one of us right? Heh, it would be my luck that one or both of us would fall for someone who works 3rd shift.
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