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Watching the show "sister wives" Brought up some intersting points for me, that I hadn't addressed in awhile.

I grew up with my "Aunt" living with us. She and my mom were close friends and she moved in with my parents shortly after they were married. She moved out somewhere around when I was in 3rd grade.

There has never been any confirmation or denial, of any sexual relationship between any of them. My brother and I have always had our suspicions, but it's something that's never been brought up.

But growing up in that environment, I always imagined, as a child, living with a close friend with my husband. As a teenager and as an adult, I wanted something more, but wouldn't let myself accept my own sexuality and how it would play into that.

So watching the show brought up somethings for me, because that is part of what hurt about Cricket joining our lives. I thought it was something my husband and I would do together, and that was taken away from me.

I don't know how long they'll be together. I can't predict the future on that one, but it was just something that crept back up. I didn't get a say in this woman joining our family. I'm not close with her, like I am Panda. And that's what I imagined. My husband loving someone, that was a best friend, if not lover to me.

Maybe one day we'll get there.

And I am kinda irate to find that that family is already being investigated for bigamy. I HATE those types of laws. Who's busisness is it?

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