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Originally Posted by jlpanian View Post
Are there any individuals that want this sort of connection? Or is it primarily couples wanting a bisexual member to address a sexual need?
No, you are not unusual. I am in a vee with two men and also have a girlfriend. We are all really close and good friends. I consider them my closest friends as well as my loves. I know my husbands best friend is Mono.. well, sort of best friend... certainly the closest. My husband and I searched for a long time and worked hard to make this vision of a big chosen family come true. We are still working on it and always will. It was the goal of our marriage to live with other loves and create a big family with which to be supported, support and raise kids together. We are slowly doing that.

A couple looking for a bi female to satisfy their needs is not necessarily poly if it is all about the sex. usually unicorn hunters are looking for someone that they would love and be loved by evenly in a poly fi situation whereby the unicorn would be dedicated just to them. Yes, a lot of people start out searching for this and find it! The truth seems to be that it either isn't findable or it doesn't last. It can turn into a vee situation or die out quickly. When I say it doesn't last I mean that everyone lives happily ever after for years and years. The longest ones I know of have been about 4 months... not that doesn't mean there are not longer.
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