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Default Need Help understanding something...

Okay a short bio on us, to set the stage for my question.

My wife and I are very interested in the poly lifestyle. My wife brought it up to me, and it couldnt have been a more perfect conversation. We are young and considering moving in this direction while we are still young, so we can build a life together (three of us).

My questions revolves around seeking. It seems plainly obvious that there are so many more people seeking a third, than actually looking. But I found a lot of information about this "unicorn" - or bi-female looking to join a couple. I understand that this is what a lot of couples are looking for.

Heres where I need some help.

We are NOT looking for a bi-female. My wife and I are both heterosexual, and more so looking for a woman as a best friend for both of us. Obviously my wife and I are not blind to the fact that there would be normal intimacy between myself and our new wife. But the primary urge for us is the concept of a better and bigger family unit.

Are there any individuals that want this sort of connection? Or is it primarily couples wanting a bisexual member to address a sexual need?
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