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Okay I'm calmer.

The issue stemmed from reading an IM between Cricket and Karma. Cricket was discussing an issue with J/A and apparently he is still oh so upset about the breech of my trust committed by Cricket and Karma, among other things.

At first I was pissed b/c I took it to mean a current breech. Meaning all this talk of honesty, and all this work on trust, was bull shit. My world was kind of rocked.

After talking to Karma I am calmer. And get where the whole thing was coming from.

But I am still really irritated with J/A.

He tried to use me as a pawn in keeping cricket all to himself 5 months ago. At which point I told him to never speak to me, never use my name.

The fact that I was brought up during their discussion of issues, PISSES ME OFF.

He has no concept as to why I was upset at their betratal. I don't give a damn that they fucked, when they fucked or who the hell else they fucked.

I was upset about the lies.

He has no place, and no business, pretending to give a damn about my feelings, when he was the one who out of malice, sent me the e-mail that brought this whole shit storm to the open. So don't sit there and act like you care about my feelings when in reality, you are once again trying to use me as a pawn in your sick emotional game.

I don't wish bad on others often, but I really wish he and D would both move to deserted island in the path of a hurricane. So if they don't kill eachother, mother nature can take out her mistakes herself.

They are both sick nasty fucks who prey on women and deserve nothing but to have their own karma destroy them.

Okay, Rant over.
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