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Originally Posted by bohemianbbw View Post
I'm 40 yrs old and am still trying to figure that out.

I'm a nurse from SE Virginia and after 16 yrs of a "normal" marriage that ended in divorce, I've spent the past few years thinking about how I'd like to rewrite my life. (Hey, who says you can't get do-overs?)

I'm not certain that a poly relationship is right for me, but I'd certainly like to explore my options. I believe if I find love, or love finds me, that there's no reason it has to be contained to one person.
You should not worry about being 40. I am 52 and still amaized on the turns that my life takes. You do not choose love, love chooses you. Do not rush it. Just be truthful to yourself. Give some time to determine if we can handle the emotional load of having more than one partner; and if you will be confortable with those partner having other partners.

In my case, I am married and have another female partner. I think that it is all that I can handle in a direct relatioship. My wife and my female partner are not interested in other partners; but I have indicated to keep that option in mind. You never know. I know that I do not have any prolem with that. My only obervation is to keep potential health hazards in perspecive.

I think you should give it a try. If you need to share thoughts, you can email me, or if more comfortable, post a thread that I believe many in this site will help to sort out any issues that you may have about poly relationships.
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