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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
You are right...I know you are right. I just can't "feel" that you are right. I need to learn to detatch sex from love. Workin on it. Being that I am a sport enthusiast, RPs comparison is helping. Once you feel it is a sport, can it go back to being real intimacy? I mean once you and your partner swing for recreational sex, does it go back to being special? Curious because this is my fear aside from the STD thing.
I think its more a seflish thing. This isn't bad. But recreational sex isn't about the other person, its about you. I don't know many swingers, and please someone correct me, who are in it for making others feel special. They are in it for other reasons.

As to your question about being special vs being recreational...I can fuck pengrah and I can make love to her. I can do the same with SJ. I don't have a problem morphing between the two. I have never had a problem having kinky fun casual sex and going back to being a lover. There is something always infinitely more special about making love...but it is very different than a casual romp
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