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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I don't think its hypocritical but I do think you are looking at this from only your angle. It can be slightly judgmental though. You are missing out on the other side. I am not great with purely casual sex. But some people enjoy it. Some people miss the dating and newness of a new person. There is something to be said for variety. I can see the appeal in swinging for this. That pure physical connection with someone.

I have many friends who enjoy sex for sex. They do not have the need for an emotional connection (and yes, women too ftr)...they don't go to swinging parties but I bet they would enjoy it if they could get past the stigma of it.

Sport sex isn't for everyone, but I don't judge those that still like it ...
You are right...I know you are right. I just can't "feel" that you are right. I need to learn to detatch sex from love. Workin on it. Being that I am a sport enthusiast, RPs comparison is helping. Once you feel it is a sport, can it go back to being real intimacy? I mean once you and your partner swing for recreational sex, does it go back to being special? Curious because this is my fear aside from the STD thing.
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