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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Does that make more sense?

As a currently married man without kids, I can't say I have had any problems. Everyone close to me already knew I was open, poly is just an extension of that. It does take some explaining but I don't suffer from backlash.

Moving forward, here are my potential BIG bumps.

1 - having kids etc. I think I can understand potential backlash. That will be a tough balance to work with.

2 - Beyond that, the "living with" stage at this point is not on the books. So I can't think that far ahead and into fantasy.

3 - Coming out to family, well I did that with my cousin it went decently. Beyond my cousin I am really the blacksheep in my family. So I am only concerned with my mom. Who is the most accepting person on the planet. She would take this information and simply love whoever I love, as long as they make me happy.

So for me the answer is still the same, poly has been worth it. Ask me again in 5 years when Pengrah and I have a kid together

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