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He's "all talked out and defensive"? Hmmm.... Sorry hun, but HE did this and HE needs to listen to EVERYTHING you have to say WHENEVER you have to say it if he wants to fix it. He asked to open the marriage. He forgot you as soon as you did. To make it worse, so did your best friend. Of course you're hurt! My hubby and I are no longer even in a poly relationship (and unless the right woman comes along may never be again) and we still, over a year later, rehash things and reassure eachother. This way, should it happen again, everything is on the table and we know how to continue communication. A huge amount of compassion and honesty and willingness to be open, supportive, and reassuring is needed for a poly lifestyle to work without jealousy, anger, and resentment. And even in the best of situations these emotions will still sometimes surface and need to be discussed and soothed.
You're not crazy and you're not wrong for feeling as you do. I hope he sees that. Just approach him in a way that leads to mutual communication and not finger pointing and blame if that's the problem. "I feel" rather than "You did". I wish you the best of luck. *HUGS*
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