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Default not feeling so good...

I met Ouroboro's other interest this weekend. I spent friday night over there and all day sunday with them on the river. She is still in town until tuesday evening.

I realized I don't really have a problem with jealousy, which is great. However, I still feel incredibly uncomfortable. I thought about this for a while and realized that I just don't feel that I am treated "special". He treats me well, but all day sunday I felt some distance and could not pin it down. I have always known that if this was going to work, that it would require more than the usual compassion, affection, etc. than in a monogamous relationship because people involved need to feel INVOLVED.

I brought it up briefly last night because she was still around, but only mentioned that he seemed distant. He responded by saying that it is time for a check-in regarding our relationship, and that he still feels uncomfortable with the bf/gf situation we currently have.

I have no idea why, and to be honest it is driving me a little bonkers. To top it off, I am alone this week, as ALL of my friends are out of town. normally, I could quell fears by hanging out with them and distracting myself. But I cannot today.

I told myself before she got here there were things I wanted to see - actions of his I was going to pay attention to. I am saddened because I did not/ do not feel that he is doing his best to help all of us feel comfortable and wanted.

I am not a needy person. In fact, quite the opposite - I know there are others that I may not even know yet that will fulfill all my desires. Because of this, I have the confidence to move on if I need to. BUT - I don't know what to do here...

Do I talk to him now and give him a chance to act on things before she leaves, or wait patiently until Tuesday evening?
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