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Totally worth it!

Before Polyamory, I was jealous, possessive and controlling. I felt that I had to cling to people in my life to keep from losing them. I was so affraid of loss that I often dated men who were damaged or weak or much less likely to leave me.

After Polyamory, I've learned to love not only my partners, but my friends and family without control. I let my partners live their lives in a way that gives them total freedom and they do the same for me. I've learned to trust the deep connections I make with others and that they can't be destroyed because the one I love loves someone else. I've learned that love isn't in a limited supply and that there is more than enough for all of us who seek it.

I now see jealousy as a red flag that indicates that there's something I need to take care of in myself and I've learned to stop projecting my fears or my needs onto others. I am now responsible for fulfilling my own needs. When I feel jealousy and anxiety, I learn. When I stumble and fall, I learn. When I feel joy and love, I learn.

So, how can I ever say that Polyamory isn't worth it? It has made me the person I am today and I love that person. Best wishes to all of you out there.
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