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I went to a counselor. It wasn't much help. She says I am still in the shock phase. If I didn't wake up every morning thinking of him and if my own husband hadn't had said yes i understand that this is difficult, it seems as though you two were connected spiritually... I know time will heal this but what I am trying to do is get angry and I can't bring myself to it. I loved him openly and honestly and I still see all the good and wonderful things about him which made me love him in the first place. The counselor said I was treated horribly and why would I want to keep this going in my life but as I have discovered I just think about him. It has permeated far more than I ever thought it would. I did not give up my hobbies although I tried. And I am reminded daily of him through friends and stuff so I guess I will move on to acceptance or something.... I did do one small thing. His family who found him... had added me as a friend on facebook many months ago back right when they found each other. I deleted that person as a friend. I didn't want that reminder also. All I really wanted... was... a friend.

Thanks for listening....

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