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It's totally normal to feel the way you do. I'm sure we have all been there. Poly brings out all kinds of intense emotions so try and go with the flow and not be over whelmed by them. Try to be curious about them instead and view them from outside of your body as much as you can. It takes some quick thinking and practice. Especially around anger! I'm a red head and a very stereotypical one at that! Anger is the biggest hurdle for me, as is my need to feel wanted. Rationalize rationalize rationalize and a whole lot of quick self talk to tell myself its not all about me and I am always wanted and loved. Keep talking and being honest with them and encourage them to do the same. That is all you can do really. If it doesn't work out it has nothing to do with you that way, just wasn't meant to be and you can move on having learned a whole lot about yourself. If it does work out you are in for a whole world of love and support.
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