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Things are going well between Mr. Unicorn and I. We're perhaps a little low on sleep, and a little low on quality time together, but we're still working out the details of how everything is working at home when we're both making the hour commute together. Thankfully the us time in the car and the potential of two drivers makes the drive very nice. Of course, the beautiful snow dusted mountains and glacier carved valleys of Alaska sure don't hurt.

When I visited Zen on Sunday he changed several burned out lights in my car, and honestly out of everything that happened that could have possibly been contentious, this was the one thing I was worried that Mr. Unicorn would be upset about. He was, in fact, extremely relieved that it was taken care of, and nothing else was a problem at all.

Zen... surprises me. Often and delightfully. It's hard to wrap my mind around, and we still have a little bit to go before we're on the same page, but things are going well.

I heard from Ulysses today, and he's having a good trip. Honestly, I've been surprised to hear from him, but pleasantly so. Spending time with Zen has been gradually sorting out my feelings for Ulysses, and I appreciate the clarity.

MPG and I are still texting. I think he's really relieved to have someone to talk to about everything. I'm glad I can be an ear for him.

Off to coffee with Lamnidae!
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