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i was just rereading some old posts of mine on the board from when i first joined and was having issues with my exes. i am soooooooo happy to be out of that relationship and be in my own space. I totally get RedPepper's need/want/desire for space. i didn't have any at all in my former relationship. i had no physical, mental or emotional space in that house. Now the only creatures I share my space with on a regular basis are my roommate, my two cats and her dog. I have my own (big) room, we also have a den, a living room and a big deck. It's so great to not have to share all my living space with everyone i live with. Well i still have to share with the cats, but they're pretty quiet (most of the time...)

This forum was such a great help for me when my relationship was breaking down. i felt like there were people listening to me (the exes weren't) and that someone out there cared that i was hurting. I have been thinking a lot lately about my old relationship and how glad I am that it's over. I am so excited for the next phase in my life to see where that goes. Thanks to everyone that tried to help me out and that has made me feel welcome and wanted around here. Okay now I'm just getting a bit cheesy and I'll stop.

Hopefully there will be some exciting developments happening in my life soon...
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