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I successfully moved to the area where my couple lives and have been staying in the spare bedroom in their house. Overall, things have been going pretty good! We've had some misunderstandings in terms of balancing out time and attention, but have been able to work through them so far. Our guy basically sleeps with each of us every other night. I sometimes get a few nights in a row as she works a couple of nights a week. They do some activities together that don't involve me. (For example, they're at choir practice tonight.) But it's fine with me because I'm beat getting up at 5:30 am and commuting an hour and a half to work. Also, he and I will often go out to dinner when she's working her night shift.

I haven't felt much jealousy seeing the two of them kiss and hug. It doesn't bother me to think about them sleeping and having sex together. In fact when I go into their bedroom (only by invitation) to kiss him good-bye in the morning, she and I wish each other a good day. I wondered if it would bother me when it was actually happening in the same household. The main thing that upsets me is when I don't feel like I'm getting enough time with our guy. We do some "family" events together and even include her mother at times! When it comes to riding in the car all together, she and I informally take turns riding in the front seat next to him.

We're open with our relationship in terms of people coming into their home. We don't flaunt it, but don't hold back on kissing each other when we get home from work or holding hands if we feel like it. I also found out he has ADHD which helps explain some of his lack of focus and his forgetfulness particularly when he's feeling tired and overwhelmed from his job.

He's gotten fresh flower arrangements for each of us each week!! They're different to match our differing personalities. He's been far more attentive since I moved here. He will often call and leave me a voicemail during the work day "just because". (The voice mail is often him singing a cute little song he's made up for me on the spur of the moment...awwwww.)

We've discussed what my role is with her 8 year old son in terms of supervision and/or "discipline". I didn't want to over step my bounds, but want to help however I can. Basically if I see her son doing something I am pretty certain his mom and our guy wouldn't approve of I'll say something like "Is that something your mom and _____ (our guy) would approve of?" Usually he'll say "No". If he pushes it, I then suggest we talk with them about it when they're available. He typically toes the line at that point in time! LOL

Some changes will be happening in a few weeks as I move into my own place. It's near where I work. Since it's over an hour from their place it won't be very convenient to see one another throughout the week. I admit to having some concerns about it because I've come to LOVE the day to day time we've been able to spend together as a couple and as a well as the nights he and I spend together! Guess we'll just take it as it comes.

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