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Default Hello.

Hi all, I'm Emse. I'm married with 3 children.

I've recently been desiring another person to join me and my husband and our family. It never seems like the right time to date, so I've decided to just go for it and see what's out there. We live in a very small, isolated community, so findinf someone locally will prove very challenging. I'm thinking online dating would be a better option, but I don't know where to look.

I'm a bi-sexual, but my husband is really only comfortable with me dating other women, and has no desire for a "three-some" just as long as I'm happy and my needs are being met. I have decided to will try to seek a female companion, since my husband is comfortable with that and is supportive of it. He says that maybe in time he'd be open to another man, but right now he isn't and I respect that.

This is new to me and my family, so most of all I'm seeking help, guidance, and support through this journey.
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