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Well....Tonight was DIFFERENT!

L and I went over to her D's apartment. One thing lead to another, and we all ended up playing around....L and I had discussed before we got there, the possibility of me "going for Subway to get food" while she stayed there with him alone. L said "whatever. if you're comfortable with it, then go for it I guess.". So, after about an hour of playing around (and having a BLAST while doing it) L looked at me and asked "Hey honey, I'm kinda hungry. Do you think you could go get some Subway?". I got up, and said "Sure! I'll be back in a while.". I got up, and got dressed. I took orders from L and her D. Then I told them that I would be about 1/2 hr or 45 minutes. L looked at me and said "BS! It only takes 2 minutes to get there from here!". I looked back, and said "No, I just KNOW it'll take at least a half hour...and possibly 45 minutes.". Then I winked at her, looked at her D and said "And while I'm gone, feel free to do whatever you guys are comfortable with." Then I left and went to Subway. I sat in the parking lot talking to a poly friend for about 20 minutes to occupy my mind and my time. Then I went inside and placed the order, got my food and headed back. Well, apparently, my timing was superb. I went back to D's apartment, and I tried to listen at the door to see if they were done, but when I touched the door with my ear, it moved! So I was obligated to go ahead and open the door and go in. As I did, they had JUST FINISHED! LOL I didn't interupt, and had arrived with impecable timing.

Now, while some of you have noticed that I have an issue with L going on a date with D while I'm at work, I had NO ISSUES with her and him being alone while I was at Subway. I knew what was going on, and I was fine with it. In fact, it kinda turned me on.

Anyway, I was a bit high from the whole experience still while we all LOL

Well, L and D sat and looked at some pics that our daughter drew and posted online, on his computer. I was bored, but fine. Then, I saw the time. It was nearing on the time that we had to leave....and D was looking mighty tired. (justifyably so I might add. He had gone 5 or 6 times within a 2 hour period) So I said, "Honey, we need to be going." She said "ok", but refused to even get up off the ground. This went on for a good 5 minutes. Finally, I stood up, frustrated, and said, well, I'm going out to the car. I'll be waiting in the car. She still didn't get the picture that I was upset. I went to get the car.....she and D finally came out and said their goodbyes. L got in the car and asked if she had done anything to make me mad tonight. I exploded on her. I told her "Of course you did! WTF!!!???? What did you THINK I was going to be when you almost REFUSED to leave? You realize that it seemed like you didn't want to go anywhere with ME, but you were fine with staying there with HIM?" She broke down in tears. She appologized over and over again. Then I realized how much I had hurt HER. I felt about 2 inches tall. I really need to work on my anger.

L, if you're reading this...I'm sorry for making you feel so bad.

Back on track again. For some odd reason, it seemed like I was being ignored because she was SAYING "ok, let's go"....but she was not DOING that....instead, she was dragging her feet and trying to stay even LONGER. If she had asked, I might have been willing to simply go and pick up the kids (which is why we had to leave) and come back to pick her up a couple hours later. But she didn't ask. We talked it over on the way to pick up the kids, and she appologized over and over. She honestly didn't realize she was doing that. I accepted her appology, and appologized myself for blowing up on her. I also promised to try not to blow up on her anymore when I was insecure or feeling like #2 instead of her #1.

Bottom line, we worked it out, and I am OK with her and him being alone for periods of time together....but still not while I am at work.

And I am still on a high. (but I think I ruined hers. )
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