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Wow. What a situation.

As I read the posts, frequently I think how courageous people are to open up about some of the most intimate, often painful and embarrassing things about their lives and themselves, even in the fairly anonymous context of this forum. How much more courage does it take to tell your story when people you know well are going to read it? When you're afraid that opening up may give people in your life ammunition to cause you pain?

Pretty fucking impressive for a spineless doormat, in my opinion.

Perhaps it would also be appropriate to say here, something I've thought about when reading Mohegan's threads and others like it, but have never posted.

Strength and courage. In a troubled relationship, whether we choose to stay or to go, we need strength and courage to make good on our choice.

I'm impressed with the courage and strength that has been shown by Mohegan, and others, in following through with their choice. Dealing with the aftermath of cheating, the loss of trust, must be devastatingly difficult. To those who have made the further choice to try to accept someone new into their life that hurt them so badly... I can't even imagine what that takes.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, I'm rooting hard for all of you!

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