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Default Not bad

Actually, it wasn't bad at all. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't at all like some of the "reality" shows out there. This one felt more like a documentary. All the ladies were 19 or older when they decided to marry. Two were raised in plural marriage homes and knew what to expect when they looked for the same thing for themselves. The 3 wives were all married in before they started having children, who have since been raised as siblings.

They attend a church, but the show didn't go deeply into their religious ideology. It was more about the layout of their home, the co-parenting that happens in the home, the shared chores, and the "big" announcement that the husband was courting a lady with 3 children of her own.

There are 7 scheduled episodes, but after the news report today of the state opening an investigation using an old bigamy law, I wonder if we will see many more episodes.
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