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I watched it, and I lurk around here, so I thought I would drop by to see what people thought about it.

I've always been very ambivalent about religiously oriented polygamy (it's always seemed icki and sexist to me), but was very pleased with what I saw as a very positive portrayal of a healthy, loving, functional, nonmonogamous family. The people did not seem to be angry bible thumping fundamentalists, merely religious like any other family might be religious. I definitely did not get the sense that any of them were lacking in consent or felt coerced into the marriage.

In fact, to hear them discuss it, they were very articulate in talking about nonmonogamy, and its ethics, and the practicalities of balancing all the different relationships, and they did so in terms that sounded very familiar from my own nonmonogamous life.

Except that when pinheads condemn me for living in the way that's best for me, I tend to get angry and tell them not to tell me how I am supposed to love. These folks simply smiled and demonstrated that they loved each other by their actions. Much more effective.

I was not expecting to be pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to see a reality version of Jerry Springer. Sociology tells us that our prejudices dissolve when we actually meet and interact with people against whom we're prejudiced; I saw this program as a potential introduction to functional nonmonogamy for people who've never seen it in action. I hope it keeps up that way, and if so, it could be a very positive thing for all nonmonogamists.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if it did degenerate into Jerry Springer, or if the narrative was being set up for the cameras to "uncover" the "real" dysfunction just lurking beneath the surface. But I hope not. An honest portrayal could end up starting a discussion in the mainstream about alternatives to monogamy.
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