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Went out to visit a few friends tonight. Mohegan had a conversation with the female (they're a couple), and they came to the conclusion that they don't like my GF because of "the vibe they get from her".

What The Fuck!??!

If I actually understand things correctly, the friend actually said that she doesn't know why she doesn't like my GF, but that she isn't welcome in her home. What the hell is this? How do you dislike someone that much, when you can blatantly say that you don't know why you don't like them?

So now Mohegan can't tell me why she doesn't like my GF, other than she "doesn't like the vibe she gets from her", and that "she sets me on edge when she's around".
This isn't the first time women have just developed an inexplicable distaste for me. I'm not a loner by choice, dear, I'm a loner because at least a quarter of the women I meet are put off by me - and can't explain why.

After awhile, you get tired of it, and stop bending over backwards to present yourself as a good person to those who you upset, if they can't tell you why. To a degree, that may be what happened with Mohegan and I. That's definitely what happened with your friend.
She gave me that look of mild confusion mixed with discomfort that I've come to recognize, and I stopped trying to be her buddy. The same goes for a lot of the Darkonian women.
There's also the awkwardness of her man's opinion of me, and that alone would be reason enough for her and I to have....issues.
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