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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Gulp! I am agreeing with Mono on this. And I have been very judgemental- even on someone I love with all of my heart and his SO. Not a great thing for a very fragile relationship. I am trying to be accepting but I just can't get over the ick factor of it. I am apologizing for my disdain but not only am I sure even my adventurous side wouldn't like it, I am having a hard time being open about it. I am really trying to accept that my bf enjoys it. Mon- sharing your energy with someone who is interested in sharing their energy with swingers is still hard for me. But I am giving into more boundary for them. God help me! Is it hypocritical to be polyamorous and not have any respect for the culture of swinging? I hate feeling that maybe I am hypocritical on this subject.
I don't think its hypocritical but I do think you are looking at this from only your angle. It can be slightly judgmental though. You are missing out on the other side. I am not great with purely casual sex. But some people enjoy it. Some people miss the dating and newness of a new person. There is something to be said for variety. I can see the appeal in swinging for this. That pure physical connection with someone.

I have many friends who enjoy sex for sex. They do not have the need for an emotional connection (and yes, women too ftr)...they don't go to swinging parties but I bet they would enjoy it if they could get past the stigma of it.

Sport sex isn't for everyone, but I don't judge those that still like it ...
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