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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I would imagine that you can have it any way you want, but it has to be spelled out in the documentation.

Even the definition of what constitutes "full legality" for marriage differs from state to state, does it not? Or does that just hold true for same-sex marriages at this time?
I doubt that we/they/I can "have it any way you want," but don't doubt alternative legal contracts can cover most of the bases. ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY legally married people can have certain rather automatic access or process in certain legal situations having to do with property, visitation rights in hospitals, inheritance, etc.... As I remember there are some several hundred "benefits" (etc.) which automatically come with legal marriage, and not even the best case scenario in crafting a marriage alternative e.g., "civil union," is or can be fully legally equal to legal marriage. It's pretty complex stuff.
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