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The first thing to do in this, Zora, is "Dont Panic." Breathe. This is going to be okay. In fact, it's going to be wonderful. Amazing, phenomenal.

I'm going to assume you don't have any serious mental health issues. If you do, address them immediately with the appropriate professional. Hearing voices no one else hears is a sign of some serious stuff.

But if God really is speaking to you, that's okay. In fact, WAY BETTER than Okay; it's an enormous blessing! You can trust him. He already knows everything about you and everything that's going on with you, and he loves you. More than anyone ever has. More than you can imagine. More than any of us can ever imagine.

ALso, God is speaking to many, many, many of us all the time. Most of us are just not listening, is all. If you're listening now, God is speaking. Another thing, Zora: It's not unusual for him to call non-religious people, or even anti-religious people. That's where I was when he found me. Happens all the time; most people just don't talk about it to others, for whatever reason. Talk to him. Ask him what's up. He'll tell you; he may communicate in ways you're not familiar with, but he'll definitely communicate with you.
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