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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
NOw that you mention it, I suspect there are some folk who identify as poly who are uncomfortable with queer folk. I say that thinking about the Alt Lifestyles forum on OKC, where many of the people who report being poly are actually swingers--and I remember some of them expressing distaste for queer folk.

So I suspect many of those being reported as poly and uncomfortable are actually swingers and uncomfortable. It appears from here that some swingers are trying to ride their wagons in the poly wagon train to gain some measure of respectability (odd notion, that). Or they simply equate all nonmonogamy and are incapable of understanding the distinctions.
From what I can tell, the swinger scene is less open to gay men than polyamory is. I am not sure why except that maybe most porn is herteosexual guy fantasy material.
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