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Originally Posted by polyexplorer View Post

I had the "poly talk" for the first time with my wife just the other night. I got the blank stare.... That was followed by a long silence which was then followed by tears which was then followed by "Why aren't I enough?" I can totally understand why she would respond like that...
Just zoomed in on this because we hear it so much.

I've always felt the food analogy was the best & clearest explanation I've known.

"No matter how good the caviar is, there comes a time for many that an exposure comes that there are indeed other, perfectly healthy & good tasting foods that might be chosen ALONG WITH the caviar.
For some, the freedom of choice and to expand the menu in a positive way only makes sense, and once the discovery is made, denial can cause much unhappiness and frustration. Ignorance was bliss............until........

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