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I watched a documentary tonight on the history of drug use and the opening line in the intro was something about people, by nature, finding ways to heighten their sense of thrill and excitment; therefore they will seek activities out to do so. Some take drugs, some drink, some skydive, but people are all alike in that they do it for a thrill. Of course with drugs and alcohol there can be addiction issues, but hopefully the point is made.

I thought of this thread in terms of this idea; people swing for a thrill perhaps. At least that is why I did. Its human nature to find a thrill and push oneself to do it. Maybe this is what swingers do. I think that might be a big difference between poly and mono and swinging... There is a thrill in the nre stage when we throw all caution to the wind and live in the thrill, but really when it all settles in, there is no thrill, just life and normal every day stuff. Swinging doesn't involve any of that.
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