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Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
She and I have been chatting online A LOT. We've talked very candidly about everything. I told her how hurt I was, why, etc. She was very open with me, and expressed regret that she had a part in my feelings being hurt. We've also talked extensively about polyamory, (she is brand new to it) and what MY expectations are... expectations that HE agrees will work for US. She is like a sponge, soaking up info, and she has been wonderful in communicating her thoughts and asking questions.

So, we had that face-to-face meeting... it went splendidly! After meeting her (and seeing her) I can totally understand his excitement over her. She is an amazing woman. I am growing more and more comfortable each day, reminding myself to stay open-minded. (While I have forgiven them both, they both also know I have not forgotten.)

I am hesitant to admit I was (am) wildly attracted to her. I admitted that to both of them, and found out the feeling is mutual. (She and I are VERY VERY slowly exploring our own relationship, with HIS blessing of course.)
Much happier! Yea for you!
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