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We had a pretty long chat about things last night, as the power went out, and didn't really have a choice. She's instistant she hasn't told them, which will be easy to prove as soon as they return from their trip I suppose, it's not like she can get away with that lie for long if she is.

Also, she's said from the beginning she wants to remain friends after. For now I'm letting her delude herself into thinking this could happen, and she's said 'if she wants to be friends why would she do something like that'
I'm REALLY hoping she was just saying what this woman wanted to hear. I'm not believing anything she says, but unfortunately there's things that have to be done at the house as she's gone in a week and me in three.

I'm trying to keep my emotions under check and not push her. Things seemed to have calmed down between the two of us since I told her about my 'feelings' of being fucked over. I guess I'll just have to wait it out and see. She seemed sincere last night and actually looked hurt that I said those things (although she obviously at the very least thought about them, and put a LOT of thought into them at that).

Ooh, and also, not as serious but still not good none the less, my connection has been dropping out for weeks, and Sg, Ab and me all knew she was doing something. In the logs she says that for fun she was booting me off the connection. Anytime I accused her of it she'd yell *roll eyes*

Also she said some very harsh things about Sg's best friend. Things that would hurt her very deeply and were just not nice at all.

*sigh* I guess at this point I'm just waiting it out and hoping nothing happens. Hoping that she was just saying what this bitch wanted to hear.
"Thou art to me a delicious torment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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