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I simply refuse to feel guilty, about anything. I see only pain, sufferring and hurtful emotions arising from it. Sorry, life's too short. Man's continuing affliction for imparting guilt on fellow man (and women) is way too traumatic for my life anymore......
Actually, I think genuine guilt is a useful and sometimes necessary thing. If we've done something wrong or really hurt someone through our actions, guilt is what lets us know and guides us along to repairing the wrongs we've done. If somebody did major harm to me or my heart and didn't feel any guilt or remorse over it, I would seriously question their character. However, I don't think it's anything anyone should be imparting on anyone else. I'm not going to try to "guilt" anybody that hurt me. That's for them to deal with. I'll just choose to keep the company of people who are good instead.

So if I'm feeling guilty, I usually look for something in my life that needs taking care of. If I can't find anything, I know that guilt is just me flogging myself for no good reason and I can let that feeling go. But sometimes, if I look long and hard, I can find something unexpected- a loose end with somebody, a pattern of not being in right relationship with some people. That guilt's gonna stay there till I deal with the causes of it.

Guilt should only be reserved for the real things that call for it and when it does show up, I'm inclined to listen to it. But it shouldn't just sit there inside us. It should be a signal to take care of things and then let go.
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