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Originally Posted by maca View Post
So whats the right way to get past your insecurities??? Bury them so that they dont rear there ugly heads or ????
Nope - this doesn't work.

Originally Posted by maca View Post
Can you even REALLY change, so that you dont have that insecurity?
Change - yes. Completely get rid of you insecurities - don't know (doubt it), but you can learn how to deal with them or address them immediately so they don't build to overwhelming.

Originally Posted by maca View Post
I've always felt that in order to be secure in a relationship, I had to be the best, number one, on top, always the focus. I've used that fear to motivate everything from my career to the quality of my life (including my relationships).
Probably great as a career builder, but if relationships really worked that way, we are all doomed. I don't believe that even careers can sustain themselves that way. No one is always going to be the best, however the ones that succeed are those that can recognize this and then surround themselves with people who can compensate for their shortcommings.

I know my bosses want me to be perfect and they expect me to strive for that, but they have much more respect for me when I fess up to a mistake immediately and accept responsibility for it insead of trying to cover it up and deny it.
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