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I'm primarily acts of service. 33%
Second is physical touch. 27%
Quality time is 20%
the other two are both 10%

This isn't news to me.
I work really hard at accepting love given in whatever form it comes, but admittedly I got REALLY pissy on my birthday when GG gave me gifts for my birthday this year -but no card. I was so hurt and so angry it took me WEEKS to get to the point where I could even TELL him what I was thinking and feeling.
He's always given me a card or letter-which he writes lengthy things in and it's been really special to me. He thought it was so cool he could spend money on gifts for me this year. I was devastated that there was no card or letter.

Maca is primarily physical touch. He really goes on an emotional bend without that.
I'm about to the point of forbidding him to go anywhere over night "with the guys" anymore unless myself or another lover is with him-because it really fucks him up if he doesn't have that physical touch!

I think GG is quality time. But I'm curious to see what he is for sure.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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